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The Militia Templi is pleased to hear from Catholic men who regularly receive the sacraments and are in good standing with the Catholic Church who wish to serve Our Lord Jesus Christ with purity and courage in the Knighthood.

This website is for the North American Preceptory of the Militia Templi. If you live outside of these geographic bounds please reference the international website here to find the correct Preceptory to contact about vocations.

Before inquiring into the Militia Templi, one should be aware of and capable of fulfilling the basic obligations of a member of our Order. These minimally include:

  • Praying the 1962 Divine Office in Latin daily

  • Daily Mental Prayer and making frequent use of the devotionals suggested by the Church

  • Going to communion regularly and confession monthly

  • Having and regularly meeting with their spiritual director

  • Making three retreats annually, one during Lent, one during Advent, and one two-day retreat

  • Being engaged in an Apostolate which is constant

  • Tithing three percent of their taxable income to the Militia

  • Traveling for Preceptory Meetings every three years (for several days)

  • Regularly meeting with their Commandery if there is one erected in their area

  • Continuously studying the Catholic Faith and Chivalry

  • Being subject in Obedience to their superiors within the brotherhood

  • Providing a bold public witness of the Catholic Faith always.

If you have questions, please visit our FAQ. If you would like to make a vocationally inquiry into the Order, please follow the link below:

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