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If you think you may be interested in a vocation and reside in North or South America, please fill out the below form in its entirety.  Please indicate if you are you currently active in any way in the Church (alter server, lector, pro life work, etc).  Membership in a third order, chivalric order, or any association in which you have made promises/vows will present an obstacle to admission.

For Vocations to the Knighthood

Should a man be admitted to be a Novice they are required to meet with a professed Knight in person at least twice a month. 

These are the locations in which Knights currently live.  We also have a fully professed Knight in Puerto Rico.

If a person cannot physically meet in person with a Knight due to distance we currently require for them to meet at least once a year (even if that means air travel), speak to their Novice Master at least every 2 weeks via the phone, and participate in distance formation for at least 3 months consistently before being given consideration for admission.

In addition to filling out the information below please schedule a phone appointment here

Thank you. Due to a high number of vocational inquiries, we will respond as soon as possible.

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