On the Poor Knights of Christ's Standing in the Catholic Church

General FAQ

What is Golden Grass?

Golden Grass is a species of evergreen in the Eriocaulaceae family, it has a white flower on a golden stalk. Occurring in humid fields near footpaths in several regions of the Brazilian Cerrado.

Where does the Golden Grass come from?

It can only be found in the Brazilian Cerrado. Jalapão is one of the main areas of Tocantins where Golden Grass is born.

How started the production of jewellery made of Golden Grass?

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Xerente people began to manage Golden Grass and the Quilombola communities, such as Mumbuca Village, also started to use the technique to produce the jewellery.

How are the jewellery made?

After harvest, the stalks are dried in the sun and then sewn tightly together with strips of young leaves from palm trees.

Is there any chemicals used on the process?

Absolutely not! The entire process uses no chemicals or dyes, and the Grass is never sprayed with insecticides. What looks like gold is in fact simply grass.

What are the benefits of wearing Golden Grass?

It’s 100% Natural Brazilian Gold, Pet, Vegan and Environment-friendly, Hypoallergenic, doesn’t have any chemicals, very durable and light to wear.

Do the Golden Grass has this natural shine or is it just the photo?

The Golden Grass shine by itself! All the products carry the stunning natural shine.

Can Buriti Straw and Golden Grass get wet?

No, it’s not recommended to get wet, because they are natural fibers and with time, it can damage the product.

What is Buriti?

Buriti is a typically Brazilian tree, also known as Miriti, Muriti or Palmeira-dos-Brejos. Its origin is the Amazon, but it is widely found in the Cerrado and Pantanal.

What is Buriti Straw and How it is turned into jewellery?

Is so delicate and malleable, this fiber is also known as Buriti Silk. The artisans use the so-called palm silks to produce Buriti strings, a fiber extracted from the plant’s eye, which is four to ten meters high.

Are the natural stones exactly the same on every piece?

As we only use natural stones, some variances in colours and shapes due to their uniqueness. All our pieces are handmade by Brazilian artisans.

Are the pieces the same and mass-produced?

No, our jewelleries are handmade in Brazil using natural materials such as Golden Grass, Burity Straw and Natrual Stones therefore each piece may have present slightly differences in shape, finishing, earrings hooks and clasps.

Do you have change of mind refund?

No at this moment. Refunds and exchanges are only accepted in case of faulty products. Rest assured that all our products are checked before shipping so you can enjoy your unique, handmade and beautiful jewellery without any issues. In case you receive a faulty product, please contact us.

On Admission to the Poor Knights of Christ as a Candidate for Knighthood

Do you have to be Catholic to join the Militia Templi?

Yes, you must be a Catholic who frequents the sacraments and is in good standing with the Church. Part of the admissions process involves receiving a letter from your pastor confirming that you regularly receive the sacraments.

What if I am coming into the Catholic Church?

First finish the process of coming into the Catholic Church, you can of course contact us and ask questions about membership.

Do you allow married men to join?

Yes, however we will ask for a letter from your wife confirming that she will support your vocation and assist you in living out your new life as a member. If you are in a serious romantic relationship that could lead to marriage we also ask for such a letter.

Do you allow Priests to join?

Yes, but only as chaplains and the process is different than becoming a Knight in the Militia.

Can I join if I am already a member of the Knights of Columbus?

Yes, the Knights of Columbus are a fraternal brotherhood distinct from your membership in the Militia Templi. However, you must place your vocation as a Poor Knight of Christ over and above your participation in events with the Knights of Columbus.

Can I join if I am a third order (Carmelite, Norbertine, Fransican, Dominican)

Not as a candidate for Knighthood. Seeing as these other associations of the faithful also take vows/promises of obedience to their superiors it would create a conflict.

I want to join the Poor Knights of Christ as a candidate for Investiture? How do I start the process?

If you reside in North or South America you would start the process by contacting the preceptory at nap.militiatempli@gmail.com with a brief introduction of yourself. Please include all the details we have requested on our homepage.

How long does the admission process take?

All postulants are required to spend 30 days meditating upon the rule before asking for formal admittance from the time they contact the Preceptor (and/or) Commander. After which they will need to put together a portfolio of paperwork to submit asking for admission. A formal interview will also need to be scheduled another member, ideally another Knight. After the portfolio is submitted and the interview completed the Preceptoral Council, or Commandery will assemble, review the portfolio, discuss the interview and vote on whether the postulant should be admitted. The entire process normally takes several months to complete.

What is contained in this portfolio?

•A copy of your sacramental records (Baptismal, Marriage, Confirmation etc) •Formal resume. •A letter from your Pastor stating that you are a Catholic in good standing who frequents the sacraments. It can be one sentence if it has to be, but get it on official parish letter head with a signature. •If you are married, dating or engaged a letter from your wife/girlfriend/fiance stating her support for your vocation. •A letter from you stating why you want to join the Militia Templi. •A declaration that you are not involved in any secret societies (such as the masons) and that you are able to financial support your family. The specific declaration will be provided to you by us. •Should their be a circumstance involving an annulment a declaration of nullity.

What is the interview for?

Our Rule of Life makes certain demands on us admitting new candidates, please read Chapter 7 of the rule to come to a full understanding.

After taking my vows does the Church consider me a cleric?