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This compelling volume collects a series of insightful conferences delivered by dom. Noah Moerbeek to the novices of the North American Preceptory of the Militia Templi. Presented on the Feast of St. Galgano, patron of the Order, these conferences delve into the profound spiritual and practical dimensions of the vows taken by members of this unique chivalric brotherhood.

Addressing key aspects of the Templar life such as obedience, poverty, and brotherhood, dom. Noah challenges both novices and seasoned knights to reflect deeply on their commitment to the Militia Templi’s ideals. The conferences guide members toward a more devout and disciplined adherence to the Rule, emphasizing the importance of living a life modeled after the ancient Templars in spirituality, service, and sacrifice.

This book is essential for those within the Order seeking to deepen their understanding of its values. Through these teachings, readers are invited to explore a path of spiritual growth that demands rigorous self-examination and a fervent dedication to the Christian virtues epitomized by the Templar tradition.

The Galgano Conferences

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