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Happy Lent 2023

The world is full of vexation but the Kingdom of God is within us. Let us turn away from the cares of the world, frivolous words, delicacies, vain strife and be converted unto God. Knights are to "Love Fasting". If we have become estranged from Fasting for a while, let us welcome back our brother fasting to our homes with the proper joy and due attention. "Let the eyes fast from curiosity. Let the ears fast in not heeding vain words or anything unnecessary for the soul’s salvation. Let the tongue fast from defamation and gossip, from vain and useless words. Let the hand fast from idleness and unnecessary busyness. Let the soul fast even more from all vices and sins, and from imposing its will and judgments. For without such fasting, all other fasting is rejected by God." St Bernard, Lenten Sermons The Brothers here in Charles Town Recently recorded this hymn. We hope that it stirs up devotion for you this Lent All Things on Earth Are Vain

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