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Please Offer your Urgent Support

In the night between November 16 and 17, 2019, the River Staggia, which runs behind the Castello della Magione, the 11th century Templar castle that acts as our Order's Magistral See, flooded, resulting in significant damage to this magnificent building and its historic contents. The entire first floor suffered several inches of flooding, as did the internal courtyard. The chapel and sacristy are both well below the grade of ground level, as is the custom in Templar churches as a sign of humility. Although there are not yet official estimates, the initial assessment is that the damage is very severe. This property not only represents the inner life of our Order, but constitutes the physical location of our inner governance, our liturgical worship, as well as the preservation of nearly a millennia of our history. In your charity, we ask that you, as a supporter of the Militia Templi, please make a small, tax-deductible donation, in addition to offering your much-needed prayers. Please be assured of our daily prayers for all of our benefactors. God reward you, and may Our Lady, Queen of the Militia intercede for you.

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