The Militia Templi consists of both celibate and married
knights as well as dames.  As laity, knights take perpetual private
vows of obedience to the Rule and the Superiors of our Order,
chastity according to our station in life, spiritual poverty,
and to defend the Holy Faith.  Under the discipline of the
Rule, knights and novices are bound to pray certain parts
of the Divine Office, assist Holy Mass every Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation, receive
the sacrament of penance at least once a month and pray
the Holy Rosary daily.  As such, the Militia is a vocation
which is the gift of God.  Our hope is to achieve heaven,
and holiness and sanctification on earth by a life of work,
prayer and self-sacrifice.   We pray and work so that we
may live a life of heroic virtue and prefer nothing to the love
of Christ.

We are recognized as a private association of lay faithful and
our Constitution and Rule are approved by the Archdiocese
of Siena.

The Militia Templi is pleased to hear from Catholic men who regularly receive the sacraments and our in good standing with the Catholic Church who wish to serve Our Lord Jesus Christ with purity and courage in the Knighthood.

This website is for the North American Preceptory of the Militia Templi. We also currently administrate to brothers who live in South America.  If you live outside of these geographic bounds please reference the international website here, to find the correct Preceptory to contact about vocations.

We ask that when contacting us for the first time that you include the following details

  • Your full Christian Name
  • What city and state you live in.
  • What parish you attend
  • Your age.
  • Your family life: if you are single or married (those whose marriage is not recognized by the Church will not be considered for admission.)
  • If you know any knights personally, and if not how did you hear about us.
  • Are you currently active in any way in the Church (alter server, lector, pro life work, etc).  Membership in a third order, chivalric order, or any association that has you have made promises/vows will present an obstacle to admission.
We are not looking for a full biography, but a small profile so we can begin the process of getting to know you before consideration of joining our brotherhood.

We look forward to hearing from you and May Our Lord Jesus Christ bless you.

Please contact us at  
Poor Knights in the Militia Must

  • Daily say the 1962 Divine Office in Latin. (please view Chapter 5 of our Rule for specifics)
  • Make Daily Mental Prayer and make frequent use of the devotionals suggested by the Church.
  • Go to communion regularly and confession monthly. 
  • Have and regularly meet with their spiritual director.
  • Make 3 annual retreats a year, one during the season of Lent, one during Advent, and one 2-day retreat.
  • Must be engaged in an Apostolate which is constant.
  • Tithe 3 percent of their taxable income to the Militia. 
  • Travel for Preceptory Meetings every 3 years (for several days.)
  • Regularly meet with their commandry if there is one erected in their area. 
  • Continuously study the Catholic Faith and Chivalry.
  • Be subject in Obedience to their superiors within the brotherhood.
  • Provide a bold public witness of the Catholic Faith always.