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Report on the Meeting of North American Preceptory, Oct. 23-25, 2009

posted Jun 9, 2012, 9:13 PM by Noah Moerbeek

November 20, 2009

Your Excellency,

Per your decree, the Preceptory of North America convened a meeting of knights at Christ in the Desert Benedictine Monastery in Abiquiu NM from 23-25 October 2009. On the 24th of October your Magistral Legate convened an Electoral Council with the purpose of electing a Preceptor, Capitular Knight, and two knights for the Preceptory's Tribunal. Attending the Electoral Council were the following knights:

Dom. Charles Adams
Dom. Matthew Roe
Dom. Peter Bynum
Dom. Edgardo Cruz

Also attending, but not voting was the Magistral Legate; dom. Stephen Geiger and two dames; Lady Ann-Marie McEwen and Lady Eva Sturchio. The results of the election are as follows:

Preceptor: dom. Charles Adams
Capitular Knight: dom. Peter Bynum
Members of the Tribunal of the Preceptory: doms. Matthew Roe and Edgardo Cruz

The results of the Electoral Council were transmitted to the Magistral See and approved by Your Excellency. Accordingly the North American Preceptor, dom. Charles convened a Chapter Meeting of the North American Preceptory in which the following actions were taken.

The Knights of the Preceptory developed a new reading list for the formation of novices. The purpose of the new list was to ensure the North American Preceptory's reading list for the formation of novices is in conformity with the formation themes directed by dom. Andrea Cappelli at the Magistral Council in May 2009. The finalized list will be submitted by the Preceptor to the Magistral See for comment and approval.

Father Brian Harrison O.S. provided a presentation on a vision of Christendom in the 21st Century. His presentation was designed to provide a blueprint or practical framework of what a 21st Century Christian State would look like. This presentation has been submitted to the Magistral See for comment prior to the North American Preceptory embracing it as consistent with the charism and goals of the Militia.

Prior Francisco Alanis provided an excellent presentation on the formation of Commanderies and emphasized the most important aspect being the interior life of each of the knights of the Preceptory. Dom. Leander Hogg provided a very good presentation on humility and obedience.

I can report that your vision of a close spiritual relationship between the knights of the North American Preceptory and the monks of Christ in the Desert was significantly advanced. While Abbot Philip was on travel in Germany, his prior, Francisco Alanis took extraordinary care of all of us. Prior Francisco kindly offered the Sacrifice of the Mass, a Tridentine Missa Cantata on the Feast Day of Christ the King in which the monks sang the Propers and the knights and dames sang the Ordinaries. According to Prior Francisco, that Mass was the first time he had offered the Tridentine Mass at Christ in the Desert. I also believe that all of the knights, dames and novices present gained deeper spiritual insights into the aesthetic life that our knights are obliged to live under the Rule. The monks of Christ in the Desert cared for us in traditional Benedictine manner and as a result, we all feel that we have a spiritual home there. I believe your vision of relationship in which the monks provide formation for the knights and the knights of the preceptory assisting in the movement of the monastery towards Tradition.

As always, please know that all your knights of the North American Preceptory keep you and all of our brothers in our daily prayers. We miss you all and are looking forward to additional investitures at the Castello in 2010.

Devotedly Yours in Christ
Dom. Charles Adams
Preceptor of the
North American Preceptory