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Our Patron: St. Galgano and the Sword in the Stone

posted Dec 2, 2014, 6:38 AM by Noah Moerbeek   [ updated Dec 2, 2014, 12:25 PM ]
Saint Galgano is one of the Patrons of the Militia Templi.  His life and sanctity is intimately connected with The story of the True Sword in the Stone.  After having lived a sinful and worldly life, he was converted through a vision he had in a dream of St. Michael the Archangel.  He changed his life, shortly thereafter in another vision of St. Michael he was instructed to go live and do harsh penance on a mountain. Various obstacles happened in his way and he did not go, one day while riding past the mountain he was suppose to live on his horse would not move, but was stopped by the hand of God. 

Realizing that he had resisted Gods call he was moved to tears and begged forgiveness. St. Michael once again appeared to him, and told him to go to the Mountain and do penance.  Upon climbing up the mountain, he despaired and cried aloud  “Ah, but I could more easily plunge my sword into this stone, than obtain forgiveness for my many sins.”  Then he thrust his sword into the rock, and it entered as easy as a hot knife through butter.

There is a lot more to his story, and to find out more please listen to the Audiobook available for free here, or purchase the book available here, to find out more about his incredible life.  This is the first translation of his life into English and was translated by Ryan Grant of Mediatrix Press, in a joint project between him and dom. Noah Moerbeek CPMO who runs Alleluia Audiobooks, a free Catholic Audiobook Apostolate.

Ryan contacted dom. Noah to thank him for a book review he had done of a latin and english stations of the cross devotional.  They soon became friends and dom. Noah suggested hiring him to do a translation of his life from 1835, so that the brothers of the Militia Templi he spoke english could know more about him and so he could do an Audiobook through his apostolate Alleluia Audiobooks.

Both Ryan and dom. Noah will be on Shield of Faith with Matthew Arnold on Radio Maria to talk about St. Galgano and the sword in the Stone, Dec 2, 2014, for information on tuning in click here.  If you missed the show it will be uploaded to the archives here

It is our hope that this work will do more than encourage the brothers of the Militia, but that it will encourage all Christians to lead a life of penance, to see the sword in the stone not as a symbol of Camelot, but as a sign of the ease at which God forgives our sins, and that the Burden of Christ is easy and his yoke is light, and that the sword of the Gospel will always rest and be united with the Rock that is the Church. 

Saint Galgano, pray for us!