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North American Preceptory Investitures 2011

posted Jul 28, 2012, 6:04 PM by Noah Moerbeek   [ updated Jul 28, 2012, 6:48 PM ]

On October 29 after reciting 1st Vespers for the Feast of Christ the King four men from the United States of America chose to forever become Knights of Jesus Christ in the Holy Militia of the Temple.

Nicholas Mannion from Northern California, Jason Wood from Pennsylvania, Adrian Macias from Texas and Noah Moerbeek from Southern California professed their faith, took the 4 vows of the Knights at Castello della Magione.

Each one being found worthy to be received in Holy Knighthood was presented to the Grand Master of the Militia to make their final profession and be invested as Knights Templar. 

Each new Knight choose a saint in their final profession to help them with their vocation.

dom. Nicholas receives his breviary from the Grand Master
dom. Nicholas Mannion chose St. Ignatius of Loyola converted soldier and then the fierce warrior of Jesus Christ
dom. Jason Wood CPMO is Knighted.
dom. Jason Wood chose St. Aloysius Gonzaga of angelic purity and heroic penance.
dom. Adrian Macias is Knighted

 dom. Adrian Macias chose St. Augustine the great doctor and theologian of the church from whom we received the just war doctrine. 

dom. Noah Moerbeek CPMO is tonsured.
dom. Noah Moerbeek chose St. Mercurius the Roman Commander and early church Martyr who used two swords in battle one given to him by Caesar the other by God.  Through the miraculous intercession of St Mecurius  Julian the Apostate was killed mysteriously while on a military campaign in Persia.
The new Knights with their preceptor dom. Charles Adams CPMO

May Almighty God, Our Lady Queen of the Militia, the Angels and Saints preserve these new Knights in their vows.

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