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33 Days of Prayer in Honor of St. Galgano's 33 Years of Life

posted Nov 1, 2015, 2:22 PM by Noah Moerbeek   [ updated Nov 1, 2015, 2:34 PM ]
Starting this November 1st we invite all members of the North American Preceptory, our friends and benefactors to join us in honoring the 33 years of life of our Patron St. Galgano.  St. Galgano was after his death and for hundred of years afterwards known as a great wonder working Saint.  The extent of his powerul intercession was well known and documented.  You can learn more about it by listening to Chapter 12 and 13 of his life here on Audiobook.

Taking our inspiration from the well known Novena in honor of the Little Flower St. Therese which consists of 24 Gloria's with an invocation of St. Therese pray for us in honor of the 24 years of her life, members are encouraged to say a similar chaplet in honor of St. Galgano.

Which consists in saying 33 times:
By the sign of the holy Cross, deliver us from our enemies, O our God.
Per signum Crucis de inimicis nostris libera nos, Deus noster.

This prayer is taken from the Roman Breviary

Which after each invocation saying:
Saint Galgano, pray for us
San Galgano, ora pro nobis

After completing the 33 invocations to the Holy Cross end with a prayer to St. Michael.

The prayer to the Holy Cross was chosen for Saint Galganos adoration of the Holy Cross in the wilderness once he became a hermit, God also protected him when lax clerics attempted to murder him.  When his enemies did not find him for he was making a piligramiage to Rome they destroyed his hermitage and the sword that was in the stone which he used for a Cross to adore.  God harshly punished the wicked men and the sword was later reformed by God in a miracle at the prayer of St. Galgano.

The prayer to St. Michael is in reference to the fact that it was St. Michael who St. Galgano had dreams and visions of and in a way recruited him to the heavenly Militia to serve God as a penitent. 

The North American Preceptory has need of many things: Spiritual Directors for our Knights and Novices, more vocations to establish commanderies, divine aid in obtaining retreat masters for 5 day Ignatian retreats, patience and health to brothers suffering from illness, an increase of all virtues, gifts and fruits of the Holy Ghost.  
Please join us in praying to Saint Galgano for all of our needs, that he might obtain from us that heavenly benediction which will grant us the things we need for the Glory of God and the salvation of souls.